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Metal-Free Fillings


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Metal-Free Fillings

Dr. Payne and Dr. Young Provide Metal-Free Fillings in the Orem, UT Area

With the technology and materials available today, there are several options for a cavity filling material. Orem,

UT dentists Dr. Payne and Dr. Young believe that metal-free tooth fillings are the best alternative for filling

cavities. Also known as ‘composite resin fillings,’ or ‘white fillings,’ metal-free fillings offer many benefits

Aesthetic Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings

One Reason we use metal-free fillings at Canyon Gate Dental is because of the superior aesthetic results that can be

achieved with their use.  The composite resin material that makes up metal-free fillings can be matched to the exact

color of your teeth to make a dental restoration that looks natural and will not be noticed by others.  At Canyon

Gate, we believe that dentistry we provide to the Orem and Provo areas should not only feel great, but also look

beautiful and natural.

Metal-Free Fillings Are More Conservative

Another reason why metal-free fillings are a superior alternative is the conservative tooth preparation techniques

they allow.  Silver fillings require that a large amount of natural tooth structure be removed in order to

accommodate their placement because they are not capable of bonding to a tooth.  Also, metal fillings are capable of

expanding and contracting with temperature changes that can lead to craze lines, microfractures, or even cracks and

fractures in your tooth.

Additionally, this ability to change size, in conjunction with a lack of bonding ability, allows for seams where

decay-causing bacteria can find a home.  With expert bonding techniques, metal-free fillings done by your Orem

Dentists, Dr. Payne and Dr. Young, are more conservative restorations that can be very strong and long-lasting.

How Are Metal-Free Fillings Done?

After the dentist numbs the area where the filling will be placed, he will remove the decayed portions of the

affected tooth.  Substances called primers and bonding agents are then applied to the tooth to allow microscopic

pores in the tooth structure to open.  This creates a strong bond between the tooth and the filling.  Composite

resins are then applied and sculpted in the prepared hole and then are hardened and cured with a special light.

After the metal-free filling has hardened completely, it is then smoothed and polished to be comfortable and fit

your bite perfectly.

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