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Root Canals


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Root Canals

When the pulp (innermost, living part) of a tooth becomes infected or starts to die, root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth.  Most of the time, this happens due to a deep cavity or crack in the tooth, but sometimes severe trauma, repeated trauma, or irritants can also cause a tooth to die.  Dying or infected teeth can be extremely painful and quite debilitating; if you are unfortunate enough to experience this, rest assured that your Orem dentists Dr. Glenn Payne and Dr. Nick Young can help you get out of pain and start smiling again.

What is a Root Canal?

Teeth are composed of both non-living, mineralized layers and living tissues.  Inside each tooth is there is a hollow space called the pulp chamber which contains nerves and blood vessels.  The part of the pulp chamber that extends into the root area of a tooth is referred to as the “root canal.”

When a tooth becomes irritated or infected, this pulp tissue becomes inflamed; the resulting painful condition is referred to as “pulpitis.”  If the offense to the tooth is minor, a condition of pulpitis can be cured by removal of the offense (e.g. filling a cavity) or waiting for a period of time (e.g. after minor trauma).  However, a severely offended tooth will not get better and will eventually die.  This may lead to a dental abscess (infection in the jaw bone) which can cause massive damage if left untreated.  To treat this irreversible type of pulpitis, dentists remove the living tissue of a tooth.

To keep the tooth infection-free, a filling is placed inside the hollow space once occupied by the pulp tissue.  This entire process of removing the living tissue of a tooth, thoroughly cleaning the inside spaces, and then sealing them off with a filling is referred to as root canal therapy.  This treatment can bring much needed relief of pain–even patients that are reluctant or afraid to visit the dentist have commented that root canals done by the dentists at Canyon Gate Dental  are the most therapeutic and worthwhile experience they’ve ever had with a doctor.

Root Canals at Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, UT

We admit, even the term “root canal” itself sounds terrifying!  In actuality, almost all of our patients would agree that a root canal at Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, Utah is no more painful than having a filling done.  The secret to our success in root canals and other treatments is a simply a focus on making patients comfortable in our office and a commitment to doing a job right the first time.   If you have a toothache or experience a dental emergency, please do not wait to contact our office. We guarantee you’ll be glad you chose Canyon Gate Dental’s root canal dentist in Orem!


Diagnosing Root Canal Therapy