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Question From a Patient: Does My Baby Take Calcium From My Teeth?

I’ve had several patients ask me about this during their pregnancies. Usually the question goes something like this: “I always seem to get a cavity or two when I’m pregnant. I never get them at any other time. Does my baby take calcium from my teeth?” In short, the answer is no. Your baby is […]

Young man with tooth ache

Question From a Patient: My Tooth Didn’t Hurt Before You Worked on It. Why Does It Hurt Now?

This question sends shivers down the spine of every dentist in the world and it’s something all of us have heard a few times from our patients. With full transparency, I will admit that I heard it from one of my patients last week. It’s a question that I spend a great deal of time, […]

Toothless Hockey Smiles

If you’re like me, you’re not excited one bit about the 2015 Stanley Cup Final taking place between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning right now. I consider hockey to be little more than filler for ESPN’s SportsCenter during the football offseason. On the other hand, as a dentist, the sport of hockey […]

Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth (Some Might Surprise You)

On May 20 of this year I watched David Letterman, one of my favorite TV personalities past or present, air his final episode of the Late Show. I’ve been watching Letterman since the early 90s and have always admired his creative brilliance and lightning wit. Over the years I’ve borrowed heavily from the format of […]

If You Ever Find Yourself in Prison, Keep Flossing

I almost always share current stuff in my blog posts, but I came across an older story today that was both too unbelievable and too good not to share: In 1994, Robert Dale Shepard had prior convictions for armed robbery and manslaughter and was sent to South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, West Virginia to […]

The Supervillains of Your Mouth

We’re going to nerd out a little on this post; if that’s not your thing, turn back now. Those who know me well know that my inner nerd isn’t too far from the surface and those who are my patients know that I love using analogies to explain what happens in the mouth. This post […]