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Missing tooth?  We can help!  Canyon Gate Dental bridges are great looking and long-lasting.

Josh Price   

This is by far the best dental experience I have had. Staff, hygienists, and Dr. Young are extremely competent, careful, precise, and kind. The cleaning experience is thorough and comfortable---no gritty residue left after polishing. More detailed work (i.e. fillings and crown installation) was done quickly and with minimal discomfort. Canyon Gate has the capability to design, construct and install a crown, all within a couple of hours---no temporary crowns and repeat visits. Canyon Gate Dental has my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation

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If you have a missing tooth, don’t worry!  Your dentists at Canyon Gate Dental, serving the Provo and Orem, UT area, can help you restore both the beauty and function of your smile.  When a tooth is missing, a bridge can be a good alternative for replacing it.  In a bridge, an artificial tooth is connected on either side to crowns, which are placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth area to hold the bridge in place.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Bridges?

A missing tooth can have dramatic effects on the looks and function of your mouth.  Not only can a missing tooth be unsightly, but it can also put the teeth around it in jeopardy (both top and bottom teeth!).  A missing tooth can also dramatically reduce chewing ability and speech.  Dental bridges have the following benefits:

  • Restore chewing function
  • Assist in clear speech
  • Keep teeth from shifting and tipping
  • Restore and strengthen anchor teeth that need restorations

What Types of Bridges are Available?

At Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, UT, a variety of materials and types of bridges are available.  Bridges on back teeth have typically been available in all-metal (gold) and porcelain-fused-to-metal materials.  Dr. Payne and Dr. Young recommend these materials due to their high strength and the high amount of biting force they must withstand.  Front teeth do not experience as much force, so the strength requirement of a bridge may be significantly less in these areas.  This allows for some very attractive and natural-looking porcelain materials to be used that do not contain metal.

In most cases, a traditional bridge is recommended, but we pride ourselves on customizing and personalizing care for each patient.  Depending on your situation, alternative bridge types such as implant bridges, Maryland bridges, or cantilever bridges may be suitable (see respective videos below to learn more).

Dental Bridges in Orem at Canyon Gate Dental

Bridges done by our dental office are designed and placed with both the appearance and function of your smile in mind.  Dr. Payne and Dr. Young collaborate with some of the most talented lab technicians and ceramists in the Provo/Orem area to achieve optimal results with dental bridges.

At Canyon Gate Dental, we want your smile to look its absolute best and believe that bridges can be a great looking and long-lasting way to replace a missing tooth.  With skilled placement and attention to detail from the dentists at Canyon Gate Dental, and good personal oral hygiene habits, our restorations are meant to be long-lasting, unnoticeable dental treatments.

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