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Call or Email Today: 801-764-9444 / [email protected] / 440 W 800 N Orem, UT 84057

Digital X-Rays

Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, UT is a state-of-the-art dental practice that invests in the technology to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. X-ray technology has greatly improved over the years, and in our office, taking x-rays is a quick, painless, and very safe process. Because investment in digital technology is expensive, it is not found in many offices. However, the benefits of the digital x-rays are profound and allow an office to provide better dental care.

Remember How Uncomfortable Film X-rays were?

Remember taking x-rays at the dentist 20 years ago? Before the advent of digital radiography, thin x-ray films were placed in the mouth, which generally felt like sharp little torture devices. These films where then taken to a dark room and developed, a process which took 10 minutes or more. The result was a tiny developed film which the dentist put on a viewer or held up to the light to try to visualize cavities. While these films showed cavities and other dental problems well, they were very small, and nearly impossible to share with patients or employ as visual aids in explaining dental problems.

Digital X-Rays at Canyon Gate Dental

At Canyon Gate Dental we have been using digital technology for many years. Rather than using uncomfortable films, we place a digital sensor in the mouth to take necessary x-ray pictures. Our sensors are quite comfortable and do not feel sharp. The digital pictures require no processing and are viewable immediately on large monitors in placed front of the patient chairs. The images can be easily compared side-by-side with previously taken images and can be enhanced in a variety of ways to see dental issues better. This not only allows our doctors to diagnose problems more accurately, but also allows them to show and explain x-ray findings to our patients more effectively.

Digital X-Rays are Safer

Better diagnosis and better education are not the only benefits of digital radiography. Although standard x-rays are considered safe in terms of radiation exposure, and are definitely worth doing in order to catch problems early, digital x-rays at Canyon Gate Dental reduce this radiation amount by 80%. That’s a pretty big deal! In addition, we always use appropriate lead apron protection and only take needed x-rays, based on a patient’s current needs and cavity risk. Your safety is extremely important to us and we take all necessary measures to protect you from any risk, no matter how small.