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Call or Email Today: 801-764-9444 / [email protected] / 440 W 800 N Orem, UT 84057

Extractions & Bone Grafting

At Canyon Gate Dental we specialize in saving and restoring teeth, but at times a tooth is damaged badly enough that an extraction is needed.  Whether you have a broken tooth that is not hurting, or are experiencing a dental emergency and need urgent dental care in the Provo and Orem, UT area, we can help.

Extractions at Canyon Gate Dental

Any surgery, including tooth extraction, can be an stressful event.  We recognize you may be feeling a great deal of anxiety before such dental procedures and will seek to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  You will immediately notice our friendly staff and clean, professional office.  You will be offered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help with any anxiety you may feel for your treatment, and you can rest assured knowing that our dentists are experts at local anesthesia.  The Canyon Gate Dental team is known for putting patients’ needs first and will take the necessary time to make you feel comfortable and do the job correctly.  Unlike any past dental experiences which may have left you feeling rushed or uncomfortable, Canyon Gate Dental will seek to exceed expectations and take excellent care of you.  If you have questions, concerns, or any special needs, we encourage you to discuss them with our doctors.  Most extractions, even though you are not looking forward to them, are quick, and completely painless in our office.  If you need a tooth extracted, the experience at Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, UT cannot be beat.

Bone Grafting

When a tooth needs to be removed, there are some excellent teeth replacement options available.  Bridges and implant restorations done at Canyon Gate Dental look natural and feel great, but it is important to understand that some important steps are usually needed in order to achieve optimal results after tooth extraction, one of which  being a bone graft (socket preservation).  Many patients are unaware that once a tooth is extracted, the bone of the socket undergoes many changes.  The purpose of this bone is to hold teeth, and once a tooth is missing, it no longer has that function and begins to atrophy (similar to a muscle that is not exercised–it loses muscle tone and mass due to inactivity).  In fact, studies have shown that the horizontal thickness of a socket can decrease by 50% in just 3 months unless measures are taken to preserve this width!  That’s a big deal.  For implant placement and optimal jaw health, a bone graft (socket preservation procedure) can help preserve most of the jaw bone around an extracted tooth.  The procedure is quick, painless, and usually done immediately after a tooth is removed, so there are no extra appointments or shots needed.  In most cases, socket preservation also keeps you from needing costly future surgeries (bone augmentation); specialist studies show that preserving a socket after extraction is a much simpler and  a more predictable procedure than replacing and regrowing bone, and also estimate it to be about 3 times less expensive.

If you need a tooth extracted, we are ready to take care of you at Canyon Gate Dental.  Not only can we help get you out of pain and get feeling better, but we can also help you plan for future restoration of the area.  Although you’re likely not very excited about the idea of tooth removal and replacement, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results of your restorative work in our dental office.  Come see us today to discuss what treatment options might be the best for your situation.