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Call or Email Today: 801-764-9444 / [email protected] / 440 W 800 N Orem, UT 84057

Partial Dentures

When several teeth are missing, a partial denture can be a good restorative option. Like full dentures, partial dentures are removable prosthetics, but because there are remaining teeth, partials are usually much more stable and comfortable to wear. Partial dentures can prevent a number of dental problems, including shifting teeth, food traps, difficulty chewing, difficulty speaking, teeth grinding, and jaw joint issues.

Missing Teeth Problems

When teeth are missing and there are no restorations to hold teeth in place, significant teeth shifting can occur. Teeth neighboring the spaces can begin to tilt, creating plaque traps and unbalanced biting forces, and opposing teeth begin to extrude out of their sockets into the spaces. All these changes can lead to increased risk for periodontal disease and decay.

Examination at Canyon Gate Dental

To see if partial dentures are right for you, we will do a thorough exam, checking the teeth and gums. X-rays will be taken and models of your mouth may be created to better plan your treatment. We will go over treatment alternatives, including bridges and implants, and create a treatment plan that is best for your situation. Finally, if partial dentures are determined to be the right treatment choice for you, we will carefully match tooth and gum color of the partial to the teeth in your mouth. We collaborate with the best dental labs in Utah Valley and guarantee that your restoration will look and feel as good as possible.

Partial Denture Types

Several different materials are used for partial dentures, depending on the strength and cosmetic requirements of each individual case. Some partial dentures have a metal base that “clips” onto the surrounding teeth, while others are made entirely of a flexible plastic material that form-fits to your mouth. We will discuss which partial denture type is right for you. If you have questions about removable partial dentures, please give our office a call; we’d be happy to discuss treatment options that are best for you.